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Expert Witness and Advisory Opinions:  Mr. Nee is one of the few commercial lawyers in the United States with sufficient experience to render services as an expert witness in law suits in the United States.  Mr. Nee has appeared as an expert in five court cases and rendered opinions on Chinese law in an additional eight cases.


Investment Advisory:  Mr. Nee will provide expert advice on the challenges of China operations and solutions for those problems.  Mr. Nee will conduct seminars for executives on how to negotiate in China, successful problem solving, and business entry strategies.


FCPA Training and InvestigationChina's business environment constantly presents the challenge of full compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, as well as compliance with the country's domestic laws governing official and commercial bribery.  Mr. Nee will assist its clients in establishing solid FCPA compliance programs, as well as undertake company sponsored investigations should a potential problem arise.